Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is Website SEO analysis and tools that can help in SEO

In my last blog on 5 reasons to invest on Digital Marketing, I have explained why it is worth to expend on Digital Marketing. But making a website is not all, we need to make sure the site gets enough traffic to stay ahead of the competitors.

 So when you make a website, certainly you expect a well-balanced traffic to the website. But even if your website is good, you may not get that volume of traffic you hoped for before creating the website. So what can be the reason? The reason is very simple- your website's rank is not high in search engine results. As a consequence, your website's exposure is limited to less number of visitors than the websites who rank higher. So in order to increase the ranking of your website, you need to get a website SEO analysis report to detect and solve the problems.

But wait, what’s SEO?

SEO is the abbreviated term for Search Engine Optimization. It is a collection of strategies and techniques to increase the visibility of a website by helping it achieving higher rank in Search Engine Results. So you can easily understand if you can apply SEO on your website, the chances of your websites higher ranking will increase.

So what's Website SEO Analysis?

Website SEO Analysis is a report to help the owner of a website understand how can he ameliorate the rank of his website. The repost includes- originality of the contents, links to different WebPages and their authenticities, quality of the content, URL structure of the website etc. So an owner by looking into the report can understand where can he improve to make his website visible better.

What is an SEO Analysis Tool?

If you are a website owner, an SEO analysis tool can help you detect the issues that are hindering your website from better profile. For example, if your website lacks meta-words or keyword density, the tool can inform you about the problem. So you can detect and rectify the problem. Sometimes, some SEO analysis tools incorporate the functionality to detect a problem and inform the problem directly to the webmaster as soon as it finds any.

Problems an SEO analysis tool can detect:

1) Meta tag incompleteness in your WebPages.
2) Messy titles of the WebPages.
3) Broken links that are either inbound or outbound.
4) Quality and originality of the contents of the website.
5) If the content is duplicate.
6) Low keyword density.
7) Mismatch of the keywords or phrases for what the website is being showed and the keywords or phrases you anticipated to get visitors from.
8) Malware or robot infections to your website.
9) Crawling error i.e. if for any reason the search engine-crawlers fail to crawl the whole website resulting in partial visibility of the website.

But, for your information, the truth is, nobody knows for sure how the algorithm of the search engines work. A tool or a human, whoever is the tester, they just make an educated guess; and guess what? Their guesses work all the times.

Some tools: There are some well known tools that can help you getting an SEO analysis report and thereafter services. Like, Webmaster tools, Screaming Frog SEO spider, Check My Links Broken Link Checker, SEOmoz PRO tools etc.

Expenditure for the services:

Most of the times, the initial website SEO analysis reports are free. But if you want to use the SEO services to make your websites visibility better, you have to pay money for that. The errors whatever might that be take time and toil to be fixed. So the SEO companies charge you for that.

You can also hire persons who are SEO experts and they work manually. They charge in per hour or per project basis.

In general, whoever you hire, the cost of the services is quite high. So these services are employed by companies for whom it is vital to spread information about their services, products et al. So even though you are running a small blog or your personal website, if you are making a good profit out of them, then go for using SEO services because this one time payment in present can help you gernering lots of bucks to expend in future.