Friday, November 22, 2013

Why is investing in Silver Bullion a really good idea?

In the current economic condition when the whole world is going through a tough economic condition, the options to invest on securely have significantly reduced. USA is till suffering from global meltdown and unemployment, Europe is firmly entangled by economic crisis and price of gold has upped too high. So silver can be used as a safer asset to invest on presently.

How to invest in silver: 

The most widely used way to invest in silver is by buying physical silver bullion coins. It is safe and secure because at first there is a strong chance standing in current condition that the price would increase in the near future and even if the price lessens temporarily by chance, the ownership of the silver is still retained by you. So you can use the silver for profit later.

How to invest in silver bullion coins: 

The best way to invest in silver bullion coins is by buying as much silver as possible from local dealers in the form of bullion coins; especially it is extremely profitable to invest upon 1Oz silver bullion coins. The most popular bullion coins include American Silver Eagle, Australian Silver Kangaroo, and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Mexican Silver Libertad etc. The bullion coins can be bought from local dealers providing silver coins situated in almost every city. Also silver can be bought online; but before that make sure that the store is old, stable and you can afford the high shipping cost that comes with the silver.

Why should we invest in silver with the help of buying silver bullion coins only:

Investment in silver is not done only by buying bullion coins, there are other ways too. But it has more advantages than others like:

1) Storing and handling: Silver bullion coins come is the size and shape of a circle uniformly. So they are easy to handle and store in.

2) Compactness: Silver coins are compact in nature. So a great deal of wealth can be secured on a relatively small storage area.

3) Proof of purity: Silver coins are foolproof against fraud. So they can easily be used for resale to another party converting the possession to cash readily.

Try to invest in American Silver coin: 

It is noticed that buying Americansilver coin can yield more advantages than buying other coins. The reasons are as the following:

a) The American Silver Eagle is liquid silver investment backed by the US govt. itself.
b) They can be used for legal contracts based on their 1$ face value. Also it can be traded for money according to the market rate of silver.
c) This coin garners the highest bid price in US as silver bullion.
d) It is the most trusted investment asset made of silver.
e) It is exempted from IRS 1099 brokerage report which makes it the most renowned private investment in silver.
f) It is a .999 fine silver. So trustworthiness of this silver coin is beyond question.

So these are the benefits of investing in physical silver by buying silver bullion coins. The silver may be considered as the "Poor's gold" but at the current economic scenario, it can be considered as the most trusted asset to invest on.