Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mega Shell case for iphone 5 black

Personalize your phone and save it from scratches and corrosions with the mega shell cases made solely for iphone 5. The ultra slim mega shell case is made of high quality PC and metal cover, so that your phone stays intact. It comes in super stylish black colour in order to match your cool personality.


1) Ultra slim in size although with proper dimensions in order to cover the phone in good order.

2) Exquisite design and eye catching colour adds beauty to the phone.

3) Super light weight shell enabling easy handling during usage.

4) Made of high quality material so that no scratch, corrosion, oil, aberration or UV ray can harm the mobile easily.

5) Makes sure easy access to all ports and functions are well retained.

6) It is made for Iphone 5 so installation is very easy.

7) Comes in black colour which signifies mystery and protection.

The mega shell case is created and customized exclusively for iphone 5 so that your favourite phone does not get hurt in bumps retaining all of its functionality with a charming outlook. This mega shell case is worth every penny.